Performing at the highest security levels in the industry

TOSIBOX® is globally audited, patented and performs at the highest security levels in the industry. The technology is based on two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and the latest encryption technology.

It’s not a cloud service, but a direct VPN tunnel between the physical devices. Only trusted devices can access the network.

One TOSIBOX® Lock device protects all devices behind it. All users and Keys are managed from a single console. So you can be sure that your network and data will remain encrypted and secure.


Secure by design

Simplicity is also good for security. In addition to making our products secure, we have put a lot of effort into making them easy to use. With fewer things for users to remember and worry about, TOSIBOX® products are practically impossible to misconfigure.

For our products we use industry standard and proven technologies.

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Secure your business

With TOSIBOX® you can set up an IoT infrastructure in less than 5 minutes. Getting started is just as easy – just contact us!

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