The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of intelligent, connected machines and devices that gather and use vast amounts of data to accomplish things that we could not even dream of a few years back.

Expectations are high regarding the market opportunities and new business models made possible by these new connected technologies, especially regarding the so-called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Four pillars of a connected enterprise

While the Internet of Things is growing rapidly, we believe that success is simply a matter of connections. Without connectivity there is no IoT.

The anatomy of IoT solutions consists of

  1. Things, i.e. Devices
  2. Connectivity, i.e. Network and gateway
  3. Data, i.e. Storage and streaming
  4. Analytics, i.e. Machine learning, visualisation and automation

Four pillars of a connected enterprise


Securing the Internet of Things

There isn’t a single area of our life that won’t be touched by IoT in the next decade. By 2020 there will be at least four internet connected devices for every person comprising IoT. And more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some elements of IoT.

The new generation of IoT business applications will include:

  • Creating smarter products to beat competition
  • Utilizing smarter data collection and management
  • Implementing new business models and creating new value streams
  • Providing real-time information
  • Diversification of revenue streams
  • Global visibility
  • Efficient intelligent operationsThere isn’t a single area of our life that won’t be touched by IoT in the next decade.

Tosibox simplifies IoT Security

A world without security risks offers many opportunities for your business. We are the expert in security and eliminate human error and offer future proof technology in IoT connections.

It is notable that 75% of IT professionals think that IoT manufacturers are not implementing sufficient security measures. Furthermore, 73% of them stated that existing security standards were inadequate. Respectively, only 10% of organizations are fully confident that their connected devices are secure.State of IoT security


New business opportunities

IoT brings new business opportunities. With TOSIBOX® you can improve your product and service performance and customer satisfaction. TOSIBOX® offers modular unlimited expandability for your long-term investment.

The top benefits of IIoT according to Senior IT executives are:

  1. Improving operational efficiency
  2. Improving productivity
  3. Creating new business opportunities
  4. Reducing downtime
  5. Maximizing asset utilization

IoT Benefits and business applications


Your fast track to IoT

With TOSIBOX® you can build a secure IoT infrastructure in minutes without special IT skills. Centralized real time management of IoT devices and access control help you generate cost savings and make your everyday work stress-free.

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