Tosibox CEO Jarno Limnéll

Jarno Limnéll is the Chief Executive Officer at Tosibox Oy. He is also the Professor of Cyber Security at the Finnish Aalto University, and an Adjunct Professor at three other universities. By education he is a Doctor of Military Science, Master of Political Science and Officer. He has been working with security issues for more than 20 years, and he has written numerous books and scientific papers.

Expert in cyber security & sought-after speaker

Jarno Limnéll is a well-known expert and a sought-after speaker both in Finland and internationally, thanks to his way of explaining even complicated matters in a simple and understandable way. Here is a summary of his latest presentation:


The future of security – what do we need to be prepared for?

Security is a basic human need and an increasingly important competitive factor in both business life and societies. At the moment, security is much talked about – and justly so. In the future, there will be even more discussion. The speed of change, the blurring of dichotomies and complexity belong to the “new normal” of security. The accelerating development of technology will significantly affect security and how to prepare for threats related to it. A comprehensive understanding and control of security is more and more amplified, with the digital and physical worlds understood as a whole. In the era of technology, even the responsibility of individuals and ethical questions are emphasized. In the discussions about the security of the future, trust lies at the center of it all. Who and what can we trust? Building trust provides leadership, as things develop in two ways – either through a crisis, or through leadership. If there is no leadership, all that is left is crisis. In the era of technology, that is something we do not wish for.


Speaking events

> “Trust is not won by accident”, Teknologia 19

> International Conference on Cyber Engagement (ICCE) 2019 by Atlantic Council

> “Trust in an Altered Security Environment”, Aalto PRO Digital Summit 

> “Security and trust”, Northern Service Day 2019

> “Technology changes the world and security – in a good way”, SPS IPC Drives 2018

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