Jussi’s column - November 2014 - TOSIBOX
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Jussi’s column – November 2014

In just a few days ago I arrived from Stockholm where I met customers in Industry automation, Building automation and Security sector. At the same time there was a M2M summit and lot of discussion about Internet of Things –IoT. Discussion was mostly related to concerns about security, as devices are more and more connected to internet.

Current VPN-type of solutions are not easy to deploy and there is a risk to ruin security due to human mistake. Some firewall ports has to be configured open in order for service people to reach needed devices.

Tosibox has developed and patented innovative Plug&Go-technology, which makes it possible for everybody to connect devices safely in 5 minutes and manage connections easily. Solution opens VPN -connection automatically between User and Remote device. User needs only Tosibox Key & Lock. This is a huge difference compared to current solutions. Equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and their customers and service personnel have access to the remote devices (PLCs, Scada systems, DVRs, CCTVs, Access Control etc.) easily, quickly and secure.

Challenge is global: We see the growing demand of Tosibox product everywhere, our challenge is to expand our activities to many countries, where we can serve and sell Tosibox products locally and provide needed support.

If you want to know more, please contact our local people and partners or directly to me and join our rapidly growing Tosibox user community.

I will be in SPS IPC Drives exhibition, between the 25th and 27th of November, 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. See you there!

Jussi Paakinaho