Tosibox in media: Kauppalehti
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From the very beginning, the founders of Tosibox have believed in the international success of the company. From the beginning of this year, 2017, the share of export sales has increased to over 60 percent of turnover. Half of it is from US sales.

Tosibox CEO, Tero Lepistö explains that the company is looking for partners from international trade fairs, for instance. Finding the right partners happens through trial and error.

The Finnish commerce-oriented newspaper Kauppalehti has written an article about Tosibox titled “Viennin aloittaminen oli haulikkoammuntaa” (“Start of export was hit-and-miss”). You can read it on their website.

Tero Lepistö will share Tosibox’s export experiences at Kauppalehti’s Kasvajat event for growth companies in Oulu on April 26, 2017.