TOSIBOX - Helping to collect vast amounts of real-time data
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KPA Unicon collects vast amounts of real-time data thanks to TOSIBOX®

The award-winning TOSIBOX® connectivity technology enables the creation of new digital services for KPA Unicon, a global advocate and key facilitator of the world’s transition to clean, renewable energy. Thanks to TOSIBOX®, KPA Unicon can remotely monitor its plants and serve customers around the world.

KPA Unicon can now collect real-time data from its plants for monitoring and product development purposes, with AI solutions for the data implemented centrally in a cloud or a data center. The company is able to securely duplicate the data from its plants in real time in their cloud service. Currently, over 1.2 million lines are stored every hour, which is almost 29 million lines per day.

“As the data explosion continues, by 2025, the amount of global data is estimated to climb up to 163 zettabytes. We want to offer simple and secure connectivity solutions and enable new business opportunities for our customers collecting data,” says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox Oy.

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