Did you know that TOSIBOX® technology can easily be integrated as a part of your solution?

TOSIBOX® technology allows remote access and monitoring, data collection and troubleshooting. By integrating the technology into your OEM device, you can add new services to your offering.

Tosibox technology integration

Technology Integration

The integrated OEM device will be a part of the TOSIBOX® ecosystem including the Virtual Central Lock, Keys, Locks, and so on. Your OEM device will have added value from the protection and security provided by the award-winning TOSIBOX® technology.

Almost any device requiring secure VPN connectivity can be a potential OEM device. Minimum software and hardware requirement specifications will be reviewed to verify the suitability of the OEM device for an integration/licensing project.

The integration device can be for example a camera, PLC, HMI, router or remote access unit.

Co-branding/white labeling

Enjoy the benefits of TOSIBOX® technology and declare customer ownership by customizing devices and user interfaces to reflect your company brand.

In software products your logos and color customization can be added to the user interface (Key SW, SoftKey, Mobile Client).

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Contact for more information

Please contact TOSIBOX® technology integration specialist Harri Väänänen to discuss more about our licensing possibilities!