TOSIBOX® Lock 500 - Innovative industrial VPN router
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TOSIBOX® Lock 500: Industrial VPN router for remote network access

TOSIBOX® Lock 500 is a powerful and sophisticated industrial VPN router capable of securing links between remote users and enterprise networks.

The high-performance TOSIBOX® Lock 500 features a range of new connectivity and security features including optional built-in LTE (cellular) modem for instant remote connection, innovative digital I/O ports which can be used for sophisticated control and monitoring of the Lock 500’s operations in critical environments, and improved VPN throughput.

Like all other TOSIBOX® products, the new Lock 500 uses the same physical Lock and Key model. The use of multi-factor authentication greatly improves network security. This means access to sensitive and secure network assets is restricted to users that can physically present a secure Key and know the password for it.

Industrial VPN router with innovative security features

TOSIBOX® Lock 500 represents an advanced level of security and assurance in the management and maintenance of secure network environments. The Lock 500 can be integrated with external security mechanisms and monitoring solutions. The device firmware and VPN keys have also been hardened for use in hostile and uncontrolled environments, protecting the device and network from attacks by hackers, malicious users and malware.

TOSIBOX® Lock 500 incorporates security features such as a user-customized digital I/O interface; a secure boot architecture, up-to-date operating system components, kernel and module code signing; plus, the use of a secure hardware cryptoprocessor embedded inside the CPU to physically restrict access to sensitive encryption and signing keys.

The digital I/O pins allow users to enhance or develop their own security controls and monitoring solutions on top of the Lock 500’s secure access technology.

Security risks eliminated

The secure boot and code signing features harden the Lock 500 against malicious attacks and modification of key firmware components.

The secure hardware-based cryptoprocessor eliminates the risk of secret key compromise even in hostile and uncontrolled or hostile environments where attackers may have physical access to the Lock 500 device.

Take the lead

Take a moment to review the features and capabilities of the new TOSIBOX® Lock 500 and learn how to improve your security and access controls with this fast and intuitive ‘drop-in’ remote access and VPN solution.

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