Tosibox netLab 201


Tosibox netLab 201

We are living in very interesting times, indeed.

Now, with TOSIBOX®, anyone can create a secure point-to-point networks in minutes.  No subscriptions, no IP addresses and no IT knowledge required!

During this online netLab you will:

  • Receive a TOSIBOX® overview
  • Unbox your own TOSIBOX® Lock and TOSIBOX® Key
  • Learn how to create large and small-scale secure VPN networks in minutes.
  • Learn how to connect IP devices on the LAN side of the TOSIBOX®
  • Learn how to extend your network using TOSIBOX® Mobile Clients and TOSIBOX® Softkeys
  • Learn some of the basic and advanced TOSIBOX® features and LAN-side networking rules
  • Learn where and why TOSIBOX® is being adopted globally by leading SI’s and how it will help transform your business to keep up with market and technology needs