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New team members and satisfied top talents

The Tosibox family keeps on growing! We have again welcomed several new reinforcements, and it’s time to reveal who they are:

Gerald Grangis has been appointed Sales Manager, Southern Europe. Gerald works in France and he will cover Tosibox sales in France, Spain and Portugal.

Konsta Hyytinen and Erja Viinamäki reinforce Tosibox product manufacturing.

Kari Lehikko has started working in R&D as Software Architect.

Anne Leinonen has joined the Logistics team as Logistics and Finance Specialist. She will be working with both logistics and invoicing.

Jarmo Meskus has started working in R&D as Test Automation Specialist.

Welcome on board!

Satisfied top talents

The key success factor in realizing our vision are our people. Earlier this spring we investigated work satisfaction at Tosibox and were very happy to learn that Tosibox averages surpass the industry averages systematically in all categories. The categories we asked our team members about were My own work, My work community, My immediate supervisor, Expertise and development and Functioning capacity and resources.

The overall satisfaction score in our company was 4.17 (on a scale of 1-5) and the work ability score 8.56 (on a scale of 0-10). The top 3 results showed that Tosiboxians feel enthusiastic about their work (4.61 on a scale of 1-5) and think their line manager treats everyone fairly (4.56) and is easy to approach (4.56). In addition, we learned that we still need further efforts in developing new innovative ways of working together and assessing in a better way the impact of changes of our work. Positive and natural challenges of an expanding international company on a strong growth path.

As we were quite delighted to see this input from our team members and the overall excellent results, the actions were easy to create: We took a positive starting point – Do more around what is working well!

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