Pack Expo September 23-25, 2019 USA - TOSIBOX
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Pack Expo September 23-25, 2019 USA

Take back your network and take your packaging automation to the next level with TOSIBOX®

All data collecting sensors, manufacturing equipment, machinery, as well as control systems and human-machine interfaces (HMI) are connected to an automation system, which is the soul of the IIoT network.

Because of the complex nature of packaging machinery, modern packaging companies must maintain secure access to machines no matter their location. TOSIBOX® provides an easily expandable and timeless solution. Gone are the days when you have to pay to get into someone else’s ecosystem and then pay to get your data out of those third party cloud providers. TOSIBOX® allows you to build your own point-to-point ecosystem with more security, less complexity and greater data throughput.

How to take action? Visit our booth LS-6379 at PACK EXPO

If you would like to know more, visit our booth LS-6379 at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas, NV on September 23-25

Daily live netLab at 3.00 pm
Join our daily show to see live how easily you can build and manage your global network.

Naturally you can contact our experts already beforehand!

Skipping Vegas? – Join our netLab!

If trip to Vegas is not in your plans, join our NetLab! In 60 minutes you will hear how you can take back your network with TOSIBOX®

Thu, OCT 10, 2019
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT

5 ways to improve your IIoT strategy immediately

Now you can focus on your core business, increase cyber-security, lower costs and find new ways to increase system uptime. We bring several benefits to modern industrial automation systems:

  1. Standard deployment
    With TOSIBOX®, you can use the same network configuration each and every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration is automated so that the whole deployment takes place in just 15 seconds.
  2. IT/OT convergence solved (read more)
    With TOSIBOX® you can segment your network of devices from your corporate IT network and securely access the same devices from anywhere in the world through a point-to-point connection.
  3. Easy access group management
    You can easily grant various levels of access to your own technicians, subcontractors or customers outside your network, simply by drag and drop.
  4. Maximum operating time
    TOSIBOX® provides a secure network infrastructure for collecting data.  When that data shows that your equipment has an issue or has lost its overall equipment efficiency (OEE), you can use that same secure infrastructure for remote access to solve the problem.
  5. Massive operational and financial efficiencies
    We have automated networking to keep your focus where it belongs: your systems. Additionally, since you are building your own IIoT ecosystem, you no longer need to pay for static IPs, private APNs, or subscription fees from those cloud providers.Not to mention, as your connection and data needs grow, TOSIBOX® allows you to create networks that can handle all your bandwidth needs. Just try and take your machine vision through a cloud VPN provider.


Winning awards and the hearts of our customers

Our customers are satisfied as TOSIBOX® solution has brought notable improvements to their systems.

”Applying TOSIBOX® in control units of our machines is mandatory; we are highly impressed by the remarkably easy installation, compact construction and the key encryption principle.”
Eric Lefebvre, Technical Manager and Kai Rohrer, Technology Department, Kronen GmbH

“TOSIBOX® products have proven invaluable to us. We service automation systems and scales across the US, Canada, and Australia. TOSIBOX® allows us to perform a lot of services remotely that previously had to be done on-site. This capability has allowed us to maximize our manpower while providing better, faster, and cheaper service to our customers. Now all of our new systems come with a TOSIBOX® priced in, and we are currently expanding our use of these devices to help with remote view, reporting, trend analysis and distribution into other countries. Setup is straight forward and tech support has been excellent.”
Jon Etheridge, VP, Etheridge Automation

Our products have been awarded by several instances, e.g. Control Engineering magazine and Premio Smart Building 2018, winner in Cyber Security category.


See you at Pack Expo!

We are located at booth LS-63379 and our experts are glad to tell you more about our solution. Whether you need a point-to-point connection or a global IoT infrastructure, with TOSIBOX® you can create an operative network within minutes. Or in the meanwhile send us a question!