TOSIBOX® Platform


TOSIBOX® Platform is a full end-to-end subscription model. Now you have more choices to build up your cyber secure TOSIBOX® OT network platform!

Easy and convenient – Now you can choose and built up your operational network without investing to hardware. By subscribing to a TOSIBOX® Platform you will get a hosted management layer that turns your operational applications, machines and their users into a controlled OT network. It enables management and access control to operational systems from a single point. You decide where and how to use the data, regardless of the protocol. 

Choose your options and subscribe – TOSIBOX® Platform

TOSIBOX® Platform is the OT Network solution that automates and enables highly secure dataflow between your operational applications, machines and their users. TOSIBOX® Platform interoperates globally with everything. 

TOSIBOX® Platform provides a multitude of benefits:

You can add all your TOSIBOX® users and devices to your TOSIBOX® Platform for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection, and data logging. The solution enables you to manage and grant access rights to your operational systems from a single point, effortlessly with no needed IT skills. We will take care of hosting the OT network management platform, so you have all the control, privacy, and flexibility of an on-premises OT network without the hosting headache. 

Modular and scalable TOSIBOX® technology offers unlimited expandability and flexibility from remote access to real-time monitoring and data collection. The TOSIBOX® OT network management platform allows you to get accurate real-time data, available regardless of time and place, which facilitates quicker and better business decisions.

The TOSIBOX® OT network management platform addresses cyber security in every step. The network secures your sites, identifies the users, and encrypts all the traffic within the network. You don’t have to worry about security updates as they are always kept up to date.

The TOSIBOX® OT network management platform is future-proof and scales with your present and future business opportunities. Unlimited scalability makes it possible to continue to add sites, devices and users to your OT network as your business grows. 

The TOSIBOX® Platform is a full OPEX model. Start and grow your TOSIBOX® Platform with your selected options. No investment needed – all in subscription model including everything as a service, even the hardware components. 

    We operate, you succeed – Managed Services for TOSIBOX® Platform

    Managed services for your TOSIBOX® platform

    We will take care of setting up and hosting your OT network, so you can focus on your core business and be 110% sure that the operational network is built correctly and is optimized to your needs.

    We will set up the OT network, including design and implementation. After that, we will manage all configurations and take care of the access management for you. Also audit trail reporting and regular follow-ups are also included in the service.

    In addition to the benefits that come along with the TOSIBOX® Platform, the Managed Services bring you

    TOSIBOX® OT network is by default a dedicated network. There are no shared components. Only you can decide who has access to your OT network, and only you can choose if you want to transfer data to or from an IT network.

    Integrating TOSIBOX® OT network into your existing infrastructure reduces both CAPEX and OPEX. There is no need for large initial investments or resources for IT skills. Monthly invoicing allows you to anticipate the costs and transparent pricing helps with budgeting. The costs stay in control even if the size of your OT network multiplies as your business grows.

    Running secure OT networks is usually not part of a companies’ core expertise. It is our expertise. We will take care of setting up and hosting your OT network, so you can focus on your core business more efficiently.

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    We will place your business challenges and customer needs at the center of our offer and find a solution to fit your needs.

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