Tosibox partner event: Pohjoinen Teollisuus 2018 in Oulu, Finland
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Pohjoinen Teollisuus 2018 May 23-24, 2018 Finland

Pohjoinen Teollisuus (Northern Industry) 2018 is the largest industrial trade fair in northern part of Finland where heavy industries and high-tech companies work together. The event gathers 5,000 professionals from mining, steel and forest industry as well as from energy sector, chemical industry and from numerous service providers and equipment manufacturers. Northern Industry 2018 themes include maintenance solutions and technology, services and equipment for mining and new technologies in industrial automation.

The Pohjoinen Teollisuus trade fair will take place in Tosibox’s hometown Oulu on May 23-24, 2018. Our partner UTU Automation will be there to represent the award-winning TOSIBOX®-technology.

TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure remote connection between devices. The infrastructure is set up within a few minutes, and does not require special IT skills. Discover more about how companies benefit from the TOSIBOX® solution from our reference case studies:

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