Professor of Cyber Security welcomed to Tosibox board
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Professor of Cyber Security joins Tosibox board

Cyber Security specialist Jarno Limnéll has been appointed in a general meeting to join the board of Tosibox Oy.

The Professor of Cyber Security at Aalto University shares his expertise with the Finnish growth company developing secure remote access technology. Limnéll is also an adjunct professor in three other Finnish universities and has previously worked as VP, Cyber Security at Insta Group.

”Tosibox is a very interesting company that has succeeded in solving a troublesome and time-consuming issue in a simple manner and – most importantly – without neglecting the issue of cyber security. I am glad to become a part of this Finnish success story, and I want to offer my experience and expertise into the company’s use”, Limnéll says.

Learn more from the press release.

Jarno Limnéll, Member of Tosibox Board