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Schneider Electric Finland and Tosibox Oy made an agreement


Schneider Electric is a global specialist for energy management and automation with operations in over 100 countries. The group is a leading player in the energy and infrastructure markets, industrial processes, building automation and in data communications centres and networks. It is also extensively represented in residential building applications. The company’s over 170,000 employees actively help people and organisations to exploit energy as effectively as possible. In 2014, the company’s turnover was 25 billion Euros.

Schneider Electric Finland and Tosibox Oy have agreed to utilize Tosibox technology at the remote sites of Schneider Electric Finland’s property management systems. Tosibox’s VPN hub assures a continuous, centralized and secure connection for the control and management of sites and enables integration into other systems. By means of Tosibox’s remote connection solutions, Schneider Electric can provide its customers with a clear, secure concept for managing connections over the public internet.

“The remote control of systems and integration between different systems are becoming more common all the time. Tosibox’s solution clearly brings the systems closer to one another”, says Schneider Electric’s Cloud Service Manager, Hanna Eloranta. “At the heart of our service is the management of our customers’ entire property mass. The ease of deployment of Tosibox connections and the highest information security are a great advantage to us,” Ms. Eloranta continues.

“The trust placed in Tosibox technology by international partners in such as the Schneider Electric group further strengthens Tosibox’s attractiveness globally. The Plug & GoTM connection method has been developed precisely for the needs of companies like Schneider Electric. Independent of the site and internet connections, deployment must be easy enough that neither configuration nor a team of specialists are needed, though of course without risking information security. We believe the co-operation will benefit both parties and bring significant business advantage” Tosibox’s CTO Veikko Ylimartimo sums up.