Secure infrastructure for critical water distribution system in Latin America
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Secure infrastructure for critical water distribution system in Latin America

Tosibox Oy, the trusted leader in secure IoT connectivity has helped transform a water distribution system into 2020’s. Having previously collected data only with pens and paper, the municipality of San Carlos in Costa Rica has made a giant leap into smart analytics with secure automated connectivity.

Traveling to the pressure points distributed around the city to collect data was costing the municipality more than $10K per year. With no visibility into the data and trends, asset failure was not predictable, there was no information about critical points, and the behavior and trends of water consumption were not taken into analysis. Consumption or increases in leakage in the water network could therefore not be predicted and system efficiencies could not be maximized.

The local distributor, NV Tecnologías introduced the TOSIBOX® technology that was easy to install and has worked well. Chosen for its high-temperature enclosure and 4G network capabilities, a TOSIBOX® Lock 500 connectivity device was installed at each site, creating secure infrastructure to enable the water ecosystem including an AVEVA Intouch Edge SCADA system that enables AVEVA Insight cloud services and artificial intelligence for the analysis of the data. For service and maintenance, remote user access is established using a TOSIBOX® Key.

“We have developed a project for monitoring variables such as tank levels, service pressures and residual chlorine through the AVEVA platform. This has allowed us to constantly maintain optimal monitoring in the aqueduct and thus avoid damage due to malfunction, directly impacting the quality of service provided to more than 45,000 people and promoting public health,” said Alonso Quesada, Infrastructure Engineer at the municipality of San Carlos.

Adopting TOSIBOX® technology has increased the speed of development and implementation time of technicians, and the information obtained using TOSIBOX® infrastructure has already helped solve problems in two pressure regulating valves, where the average expenses from damage to the water network without one valve are estimated to be around $25K. Electro Beyco’s technicians no longer need to go out to the field and take measurements on paper – instead they use their time in other tasks, saving around $10K a year. Most importantly, the solution ensures network security which was seen essential in case of cyberattacks against such a fundamental life asset that their possible consequences cannot be measured in money. The estimated ROI for commissioning TOSIBOX® is less than a year.

“Real-time data collection and data logging help companies extract the data for analysis, ensuring companies can better optimize their processes. To do this efficiently, the patented TOSIBOX® technology provides a two-way communication to devices. Based on the results of the analyzed data, remote access can be established to connect back to the devices and improve their processes, thus boosting efficiency. Continuous monitoring enables finetuning of systems and generates cost savings. When systems can be remotely serviced, it makes everyday work easier by decreasing traveling time and downtime as well as related costs. Tosibox is democratizing secure IoT connectivity, bringing it easily available for anyone to get started,” says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox.

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