Secure operational networks in the security industry

In the security sector operational networks are used to remotely monitor and manage property control systems. However, real estate security systems are attractive targets for cyber-attacks, such as denials-of-service (DoS). Therefore, the networks should be adequately protected.


Benefits of operational networks in the security industry

Benefits of operational networks in the security industry include:

  • Real-time monitoring of all security technologies
    The OT network of property control systems connects all security tech into one ecosystem, allowing efficient online monitoring. Connected systems include fire detecting, alarm, video surveillance, access control, attendance tracking, and time tracking solutions – but also locks, corridor display systems and digital information boards.
  • Remote access of property control systems
    For example, open hours of doors in public or commercial buildings such as shopping malls or hotels can remotely be adjusted by the security company or business owner.
  • Convenient access management
    The network administrator, be it the business owner or a security company, can easily and remotely grant temporary access to visitors of its facilities.

TOSIBOX® provides a protected remote access for security & surveillance technologies

TOSIBOX® offers many benefits to property security systems:

  • Hidden from threats
    TOSIBOX® brings a strong firewall that hides the security system from unsolicited traffic, so it does not appear on the Internet.
  • Higher service levels
    Security companies can offer their customers more advanced services, as the property control system can be remotely monitored and managed round-the-clock, 24/7. The remote connection between doors, video surveillance and other connected units at one end, and the control system at the other, is highly secure when protected with TOSIBOX®.
  • Ad hoc deployment, with no need for fixed connections
    Using a TOSIBOX®-secured mobile network is a convenient, yet fully secure way to set up a temporary connection for any purpose – say a video camera surveillance, for example. This is practical for monitoring the safety, ad hoc, at short-term public events, for instance.

Compatible with all control and security systems

TOSIBOX® is compatible with any security technologies and manufacturers in the industry, such as Hikvision Digital Technology, Bosch Security Systems, Dahua Technology, ASSA ABLOY, Axis Communications, and many more.

TOSIBOX® is equipped with an RJ-45 ethernet interface transmitting any form of data, regardless of the protocol.