Tosibox blog: Simplified data security for ICT
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Simplified data security for ICT

Tomi Liias, Sales Director Scandinavia, Tosibox

TOSIBOX® provides a simple solution for the management of IT networks and access rights.

TOSIBOX® connectivity technology has become known as the industry standard in the fields of industrial and building automation, but our solution also benefits the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. We have taken a previously laborious task of creating remote access and granting access rights and solved it with modern-day, configuration-free technology.

The award-winning TOSIBOX® solution is easy to set up for an office network and granting remote users access to the company network. TOSIBOX® SoftKey licenses can be distributed to remote users anywhere in the world, giving them instant access to the data they need.

TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock acts as the platform for ICT systems, enabling very fast and easy distribution and management of the network and access rights. Any company who needs to grant access to external parties will benefit greatly from this, being able to grant limited access to its various customers by simply drag-and-drop. Several days’ work of management of access rights has been cut into minutes.

How to secure your customer data

The number of consulting companies is exponentially growing, and external help on R&D and other projects is only becoming more common. Consultants work with various customers on projects that can involve documentation subject to patenting or source codes. They are faced with the challenge of protecting customers’ data while dealing with it and communicating with customers.

Carelessly maintained data can end up in the wrong hands of a competitor or even the public, immediately destroying the consulting company’s credibility and trustworthiness once and for all. Cyber security is a hot topic for a reason, as break-ins into company networks are a modern and likely threat that cannot be ignored.

Thanks to TOSIBOX®, carefully maintained and secure data can be shared between consultants and their customers in a cyber secure fashion. The two-factor authentication of the TOSIBOX® solution ensures that only the right persons get access to data. The solution also includes audit trail: a log of all users who sign in and out of the Virtual Central Lock. Should you ever need to, you can always find out who were using the TOSIBOX® VPN at a certain time.

Early adopters are ahead of the game

PehuTec is a rapidly growing R&D partner, who adopted TOSIBOX® technology and is now able to share limited access for its customers to its office server. This has facilitated better communication with PehuTec’s customers. Thanks to the high level of security of the solution, PehuTec can also be certain that their and their customers’ data remains protected.

Another example are plant environments who have implemented their local area network (LAN) with TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock. Not only do plants use TOSIBOX® for connecting and collecting data from industrial automation, but TOSIBOX® also enables appropriate remote access into a closed company network for external users such as manufacturers who supply plants with their equipment. The equipment manufacturers can use TOSIBOX® to connect to the devices to perform service and maintenance tasks.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Let us secure your connections and simplify your access management work, and you can focus on enjoying the summer care-free.

“We have taken a previously laborious task of creating remote access and granting access rights and solved it with modern-day, configuration-free technology.”

Tomi Liias, Sales Director Scandinavia, Tosibox