Our strategy

Our strategy acknowledges the global trends such as the upcoming explosion of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the amount of data (connectivity). These trends are opportunities that drive us toward international growth.

Our strategy guides us in our daily work. It helps to clarify our intentions, objectives and priorities on our way to success.

Tosibox Strategy

Our vision is to be a globally operating, vigorously growing and profitable company being the primary choice for easy and secure connections. The strategy guides us toward this vision

We have defined a very ambitious mission for ourselves. We want to change the world by simplifying secure digital connections.

We want everyone at Tosibox to share our values. Values are present in everything we do.

We care. This means we care about each other, our customers, partners and investors, about the world and environmental sustainability.

We simplify. Our technology has solved a complicated matter in a simple yet secure way. We do not want to over-complicate matters.

We trust in high quality and integrity. Our products comply with industry standards and are manufactured in Finland.

We are brave. In order to grow, we must dare to challenge ourselves. We are curious, we take risks, we try new things, and we simplify.

Our success is the sum of valuing people and having a winning brand, effective sales, disruptive technology and first class products. Together we will succeed.

Our success is built on the success of our customers and on our talented people. Our employees are known for their commitment, uncompromised quality, and the desire to learn together and change the world.

Our brand is a leader in its category, and Tosibox messaging engages and communicates, maintaining the idea of simplicity.

Our multi-channel distribution, online sales and first class customer experience will accelerate sales.

Our future innovations also respect our principle of simplicity. Simplicity is security.

We will shift focus from hardware to software products, and this will spearhead us to accelerated global growth.