The leading global provider of OT networking

Our strategy acknowledges the megatrends such as the complexity and instability in the world, the explosion of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the amount of data (connectivity) as well as omni technology innovations and the importance of data protection and cybersecurity.

The strategy guides us in our daily work. It helps to clarify our intentions, objectives and priorities on our way to success. The strategy is built on these three guiding principles:

  1. OT networking
  2. Customer driven business
  3. Transformation from products to solutions and services


OT networks with business value

OT networking is the bridge between information technology and operational technology. It connects IT, the world of manage that is ruled by data and OT, the world of control ruled by processes.

Our task is to ensure our customers and partners can leverage the full potential of the new era of digital transformation. We are doing this by bringing the smart OT networking layer to enable two-way data flow between everything, open up market opportunities and generate new revenue streams.

We create solutions and technology that are the foundation of digital enterprises and organizations, the fundamental of their growth. We build products and services that enable our customers to differentiate themselves and achieve success.


Laser focused on our customers

Our success is not just based on our patented and certified TOSIBOX® technology and award-winning cyber security. It is also based on our ability to best understand the challenges faced by organizations, large and small, who are working to leverage data and connectivity for Industry 4.0, business model creation and decision support.

At Tosibox we are laser focused on our customers. We value quality and integrity, and we strive to deliver measurable business value that makes a difference to them.


Delivering the easiest OT networks on the market

Our technology and solution are designed for controlling operational processes and accommodating multiple protocols and equipment interfaces. We are proud to deliver the most secure and the easiest and fastest OT networking infrastructures to implement on the market.

Our competitive edge is based on the products and solutions we deliver:

Frictionless IT/OT Networking
We help our customers to connect their devices, increase their efficiency and improve their productivity without needing to recreate their existing IT business processes and platforms.

Embedded Cyber security
We address cybersecurity on every step, paying attention to the connections between legacy and future systems and the two-way data flow between everything.

Unlimited OT network scalability
We create, run and optimize sustainable OT networks that unlock business value, meet our customers’ requirements and needs, without adding OPEX and CAPEX costs or spend.


Our values are present in everything we do

We care
We care about each other, our customers, partners and investors, the world and environmental sustainability.

We solve
We are customer focused, trust in high quality and integrity as we strive to deliver measurable business value and impact.

We are brave
In order to grow, we must dare to challenge ourselves. We are curious, we take risks, we try new things, and we simplify.