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Success Stories 2019

2019 was another year of great success stories with our customers. Find out how TOSIBOX® helps companies harness IoT for their business!

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Enabling demand management for the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Florida:
67% reduction in a luxury mall’s grid energy purchases

The Pembroke Lakes Mall

Securing building automation systems for Helsinki Central Library Oodi and art museum Amos Rex in Finland:
A few hours of work and travel time saved with each adjustment done remotely

Art museum Amos Rex

Secure solution for ski resort’s connectivity needs in Sweden:
CCTV + Access control + building management system all connected with TOSIBOX®

Connecting all systems

Equipping an Finnish electricity and heat production plant manufacturer for global growth:
Big leap in improved customer experience with TOSIBOX®

TOSIBOX® Mobile Client

Solving connectivity problems for a global boiler and power plant supplier in Finland:
Over 1.2 million lines are stored using TOSIBOX® every hour, which is almost 29 million lines per day

Solving connectivity problems

Helping to access baking machines in difficult locations in UK:
Since the installation, most of the issues that would have required a site visit have been averted and the bakery have seen an increase in operational efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency

Providing easy remote control and maintenance for cleaning systems manufacturer in the Netherlands:
30–40 devices protected behind each TOSIBOX® Lock

Easy remote control and maintenance

Enabling secure connectivity in industrial automation in Germany:
TOSIBOX® brings added value to AMK Group’s customers

Secure connectivity

Piloting new software with unprecedented security and cost savings in:
In the piloting phase, WAGO’s PFC200 Controller family that supports Docker, can now run TOSIBOX® Lock for Container software

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container