Tosibox is a T-Mobile for Business Solutions Partner across the U.S.
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Tosibox is a T-Mobile for Business Solutions Partner across the U.S.

Tosibox is pleased to announce their T-Mobile for Business solutions partnership across the United States. The new partnership includes all T-Mobile for Business customer facing teams, e.g., Strategic, Enterprise, Government, Public Sector and SMB.

“This partnership with T-Mobile for Business will improve our reach with U.S. Industry 4.0 customers,” states Russel Donnelly, US Telecom Market Sales Advisor for Tosibox. “Tosibox is already leading in that space today, and the synergies created by this partnership will bring even more value to customers.”

TOSIBOX® is the leading OT networking solution for any high bandwidth, high speed, low latency IIoT application or use case.

The solution leverages the full potential of the new era of digital transformation, open-ups market opportunities and generates new revenue streams. This is done by bringing the smart OT networking layer to enable two-way data flow between everything.

The disruptive TOSIBOX® OT networking solution is point-to-point data flow without cloud and without fixed / public IP addresses. Sets up in seconds by anyone and allows instant operational networking to any connected asset at any time for continuous monitoring, remote maintenance, OT network management or real-time data collection.

Operational risk is decreased with the automated firewall and encrypted tunnel set up with two-factor authentication, 2048 or 4096 RSA keys and AES encryption. The TOSIBOX® solution provides for any changes to users or user groups, whether inside or outside your network, in minutes via drag and drop.

T-Mobile for Business, the T-Mobile entity that provides technology solutions to business customers, is expected to have the highest area of company growth in the coming years thanks to robust 4G and industry leading 5G networks.