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Take data security seriously and harness IoT to your service

Digitalization is a driving force of change that companies need to adopt to. The Internet of Things provides huge possibilities for saved costs in remote maintenance and energy efficiency, and the most innovative companies are creating all new business models. Yet digitalization poses severe threats as well.

Despite the growing trend of cyber attacks, some companies still don’t acknowledge the need for security solutions. If you deal with business critical data or operate devices in a client’s facilities, the data security aspect cannot be ignored.

Securing your business

There are several types of remote access solutions on the market, though all of them come with their downsides. Complex solutions require IT  expertise and resources, which spells time and money. Other solutions involve a third party i.e. cloud. The third type are solutions that do not enable remote controlling.

We at Tosibox have tackled these challenges, and it is our mission to deliver the world’s best and most secure internet connection. TOSIBOX® patented Plug & Go technology has presented the answer to these security threats with point-to-point VPN connections, and with our latest product, TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock the possibilities for IoT become manifold.

What makes TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock stand out from the competition is its ability to collect data as well as control devices. Moreover, TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock brings new dimensions to usability as it enables easy, centralized and device-specific access management.

Virtual Central Lock is the hub of the TOSIBOX® ecosystem, providing scalable concurrent VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring and data logging. The solution enables creating additional virtual network interfaces that are using VLAN tags on the wire. It also creates a new way of defining access rights between Keys, Locks and networks.