Takomo Export Company 2015 -Award - TOSIBOX
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Takomo Export Company 2015 -Award

Oulun Yritystakomo awarded Takomo Export Company prize to Tosibox. Oulun Yritystakomo began operation five years ago, in May 2010. The company offers rising talent an innovative environment for developing new business opportunities. The speed of innovation has been surprising, and more new enterprises have been born than expected. Tosibox Oy is one of the enterprises born at Oulun Yritystakomo. Tosibox Oy’s business has developed well, and it is the most successful export companies in the history of Oulun Yritystakomo.

“From the very early days of operation, Tosibox Oy has strived determinedly to increase the share of international business in its operations. The share of exports has grown annually by over 15%, standing currently at 50% of total turnover. Approximately 15,000 units of Tosibox products have been delivered, and devices are already in operation in more than 70 countries. In addition to Scandinavia and Central Europe, the main market areas are South-east Asia and Australia and, during 2015, increasingly in North America,” Tosibox Oy’s CEO, Tero Lepistö sums up.

Thank you very much Oulun Yritystakomo and Kari Kivistö!