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Tekniikka&Talous, Mikrobitti and Tivi

Update February 8, 2017

This article has now also been published in Finnish at the computer magazine Mikrobitti’s webpage with the title “Ilmalämpöpumpussakin voi olla tietoturva-aukko” (Even Your Air Source Heat Pump May Have Data Security Gap), and at the Finnish tech newspaper Tivi’s webpage with the title “Suomalaisfirmat tähyilevät jo uutta miljardibisnestä: ‘Liiketoiminta houkuttaa'” (Finnish Firms Headed to New Billion-euro Business: “Alluring Business”).

Original article February 6, 2017

The CEO of Tosibox, Tero Lepistö, was interviewed in the Finnish news magazine, Tekniikka&Talous, saying that manufacturers are awakening to improve data security. The trend is to move towards licensing the technology, and even Tosibox has begun negotiations with a dozen companies. Should the licensing take on well, the aim is at a business worth tens of millions of euros, and Tosibox is in fact looking to increase its turnover by nearly 70 percent. “We need partners who can transfer our functionalities into other manufacturers’ hardware. This can mean a program module in an iron or a washing machine”, Lepistö says. He also believes that services could be offered to companies and authorities in critical infrastructure via the secure networks maintained by the State Security Networks Group.

The article titled “IoT-tietoturvassa avautuu miljardibisnes” (Potential for Billion-euro Business in IoT Data Security) can be found from issue 4/2017 or from the Tekniikka&Talous webpage.