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The environment commends sustainable technology

Recycling electronics is not that easy. Even if you know that a refrigerator can be taken to a recycling center or a defunct computer to a waste sorting station, it always requires effort. A lot of things remain completely unrecycled, and electronics are never fully reutilized.

The world produces an incomprehensible 40 billion kilos of electronic waste per year. On average, that makes six kilograms per person. In 2017, the average European produced nearly 17 kilograms of electronic waste. That equals to the weight of two to three full-grown dachshunds.

According to the international E-Waste Monitor research report, 35% of electronic waste produced in Europe was recovered in 2017. In North and South America, the recycling rate is even lower, just 17 percent.

The amount of electronic waste keeps increasing, as in the accelerating development of technology, we are changing up products at a rate that is all the time increasing. In its latest report, E-Waste Monitor estimates that the amount will increase from 44.7 billion kilograms in 2016, to 50 billion kilograms by next year.

The burden on the environment is terrible, and that’s what it looks like, too. However, as metal is valuable, recycling is carried out inadequately in the hope of making profit.

Moreover, many manufacturers make more short-lived products in the hopes that sales will be generated through rapid product turnover. For example, while it is tempting to always acquire the latest, most beautiful and powerful mobile phone model – and ultimately necessary due to operating system updates – continuous upgrading is by no means ecologically sustainable.

The most ecological solution is to buy products that do not need to be replaced often. That’s what we at Tosibox want, too, because each of us is responsible for the next generation and the kind of world they will receive. Being ecological is our responsibility to our customers.

Timeless solution

With TOSIBOX® solution, you do not have to continuously replace devices with new ones. All products are compatible, making the acquisition a long-term investment. The solution scales according to changing needs, from one object to thousands. There is no need to change devices, so their life span is considerably longer.

The durable cast aluminum enclosure in TOSIBOX® products protects the device’s most sensitive parts and the components are RoHS compatible, so no hazardous substances are released when using or scrapping the products.

The enclosure of the products is fully recyclable cast aluminum, and electronics units can be recycled through normal electronics recycling channels. In the countries with Tosibox sales organization, Tosibox has an agreement with national recycling organizations in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

And even our product packaging is made of recyclable cardboard.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Favoring remote connections will result in less equipment being needed as well. When the need for physical presence reduces, the reliable equipment generates an ecological outcome as a bonus. Remote work reduces the carbon footprint.

Trained workers do not have to travel on site to do installation work, which reduces the time spent sitting in traffic jams. Operations become more efficient, and pollution is reduced. This brings along concrete savings as well.

Thanks to TOSIBOX® technology, the need to travel is reduced also through predictive maintenance. For example, mechanics will have the necessary spare parts with them already when going to the site. With remote connections, the need and frequency of maintenance visits can be anticipated beforehand.

Today is a good day to start with ecological actions. Learn more about our products >