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Tosibox aims at strong growth in Scandinavia

Tosibox founds a subsidiary in Sweden to operate also in Norway and Denmark. The new Tosibox Scandinavia AB located in Malmö will continue the implementation of the company’s consistent strategy of internationalization and growth.

“Our good cooperation in Sweden with Beijer Electronics and Teletec will continue and we recognize their central role in reaching the Swedish customer base. Our presence in the form of a subsidiary will bring us credibility and visibility in the market,” says Tosibox CEO Tero Lepistö.

Tosibox has defined its main market area, besides Finland, at this stage to include Germany, the United States and Scandinavia. The company already has subsidiaries in Germany and the United States – now is the turn of Scandinavia.

Mr Lepistö regards the Scandinavian countries as very promising market areas. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all technologically advanced countries with a high demand for the kind of solution Tosibox offers. He expects the sales of Tosibox in Sweden to reach double or even triple figures compared to those in Finland, and in Norway and Denmark to match the Finnish level.

Mr Lepistö says Tosibox will continue to expand into international markets, and he promises there will be new subsidiaries in the future.