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Tosibox celebrated its 5-year journey

Tosibox celebrated its 5-year journey by organizing an event for the people who have contributed to its success story so far. In addition of thanking people, the event provided a concrete point to shift from startup to growth company phase. The event started with seminar and continued with chill-and-grill theme at the Tosibox head office. The event was invitation only and the dress code: Something Orange!


Lauri Salovaara, Illan Isäntä, hosted the seminar and introduced the speakers. Markku Tapio, Chairman of the Tosibox board, wished everyone welcome. As the inventor of Tosibox, Veikko Ylimartimo, was unable to join the event Markku shared his greetings as well. Next speaker was Juha Alamursula from BusinessOulu who congratulated Tosibox and encouraged companies to open cooperation with public sector. Tero Lepistö, Tosibox CEO, illustrated the history, the vision and the future opportunities of Tosibox Oy. Seppo Kuula, CEO, told the story of Siili Oyj and his thoughts about success factors of a company. Finally, it was mythbusting time as Maaretta Tukiainen, CEO Moodit Oy, encaged her audience to vote if the 5 myths of brand building were true or not.


The Chill-and-Grill evening was success even the weather was especially chill. And, as always, the people created the atmosphere! The participants got to enjoy positive energy, great chats and excellent food. More photos from the event can be found here.