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TOSIBOX connections now available also for mobile devices!

TOSIBOX Mobile Client has been published on 1st of November 2013, extending the TOSIBOX ecosystem also to mobile devices.

The Mobile Client offers easy and secure remote connections on Android smartphones and tables with Android version 4.0 or greater. Each TOSIBOX Key entitles the user to one Mobile Client without any additional cost.

The Mobile Client can be downloaded from Google Play store.

• Enables secure VPN connections to serialized TOSIBOX Lock devices, using the mobile device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection

• Easy to take into use in just a few minutes

• Built on the physical security foundation of TOSIBOX products: the access rights are granted and controlled from the physical TOSIBOX Key

Taking the Mobile Client into use requires Key and Lock software version 2.8.0 or greater (published 1st of November 2013). This update also provides support for naming Key devices and a improved user interface for managing Keys.

Get it on Google Play