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TOSIBOX® for education

No matter if you are just moving to online teaching or if you are a professional in that field, Tosibox can help with connecting you with your students.

  1. Simple – You can easily and quickly deploy a secure network.
  2. Timeless – You can use any mobile network, wifi or any other internet connection type to connect to the TOSIBOX® network. Furthermore, you can use PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad or any other internet capable device for connecting.
  3. Secure – Our solution is based on two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and latest encryption technology.
  4. Modular – You can use the same TOSIBOX® products whether your network is tiny or massive. And you can scale it up as you wish.
  5. Unique – We are a Finnish company who has patented the solution for easy and quick remote connection creation for you to benefit from.


Remote connection for teaching online

If you need an easy-to-use and secure remote connection, TOSIBOX® solution can be taken quickly into use. There are several options to create a secure network. The most extensive solution can cover the needs of a secure network for the whole school and the most simple one is the connection between one teacher and the students. If you are wondering what would be the best setup for you, don’t hesitate to ask our sales crew.


Two-way connectivity for accessing learning environment

For example automation technology students, and many others use learning environments or demo environments to test their skills in practice. If students are online, they need a secure remote access to the demo environment. This network can be created with the TOSIBOX® solution, all you need is a TOSIBOX® Lock for the learning environment and one TOSIBOX® Key for the system administrator and TOSIBOX® SoftKeys for the students.


Schools and educational institutes are entitled for special pricing

We want to change the world by simplifying secure digital connections. One way to change the world is to teach skills that transfer to the workplace. Thus, we want to provide a special price for schools that utilize TOSIBOX® products for educational purposes.

If you are interested, please contact our sales,

TOSIBOX® in Automaatiotekniikka study book

Lifelong learning is important for all of us. That is why we are delighted to be included in the Finnish Automaatiotekniikka (Automation technology) book for automation technology students.

More technical information at our webpage.


How to get started with TOSIBOX®?

Start right away and order your Starter Kit now! Or if you need more versatile solution, contact our sales!