There has never been anything like Tosibox. That is, a maintenance and IoT infrastructure that is easy and configuration-free to implement without special IT skills, eliminates human error and handles organizational cyber-security concerns. That’s why Tosibox is the clear choice for systems integrators looking for ways to solve customer problems, help data-driven organizations leverage systems and grow integrator service offerings that enable recurring revenue streams and answer customer requests.



If you answer YES to any of these questions Tosibox is right for you.

  1. Are your customers asking for connectivity, security or data?
  2. Are your customers looking for modern ways to interact with their machines remotely?
  3. Are you looking for ways to participate in the industrial IoT?
  4. Do you wake up looking for ways to solve today’s industrial automation problems like cyber security, connectivity, remote maintenance, data collection?
  5. Could your organization benefit from recurring revenue streams?
  6. Are you looking for ways to solve networking problems with out having to keep expensive IT professionals on staff?
  7. Are you interested in building business connections and relationships that leverages your experience to expand your customer base?

Benefits of the certification

Becoming a Tosibox Certified Integrator will give you heightened visibility in the areas you want to focus on. Be it IoT, Building Automation, Industrial Automation or Information Technology. Benefits of the certification include:

  1. Cross-marketing and lead generation activities from the Tosibox website
  2. Integrator-Focused training and tech support
  3. Ability to use our logos and your Certified Integrator badges on your marketing material
  4. Training on creating your own IoT practice
  5. Special Certified Integrator pricing inside our distributor network



Certification Steps

  1. Three Tosibox Integrations in your selected category: IA/BAS/IT/IOT – You can get certified in more than one area
  2. One completed case study in your chosen area – Tosibox marketing team will do the work
  3. Acknowledgement of Tosibox brand guidelines
  4. Upload Tosibox Logos onto SI/VAR website with links to
  5. Upload SI/VAR Logos onto Tosibox Website with links to SI/VAR website