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Tosibox Integrator Roadshow Portland / Oregon Sept 12, 2018 US

You are warmly welcome to join us for an interactive labratory and master class targeted for System Integrators, OEMs, and End-users where we will show you the latest technology solving every one of those six problems.

The latest report by Bain & Co states that Security, IT/OT Integration, Unclear ROI, Difficulty/Expertise, Interoperability/Standardization and Data Portability are the biggest hurdles organizations experience when starting an IOT practice.

Tosibox technology has been helping organization build IoT infrastructure to enable leveraging data to create revenue streams, lock down insecure networks, enhance the customer experience, optimize operations or simply fix machines remotely without the hassle of travel and expense.

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Location: WESCO Distribution, 951 Monster Road, Renton, WA 98057, US

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