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Tosibox introduces secure remote connection to WAGO’s PFC200 Controller family supported by Docker technology

Tosibox Oy, the trusted global leader in secure industrial connectivity solutions, is breaking new ground through its new software product TOSIBOX® Lock for Container that the company is developing on the technology pioneer WAGO’s open automation platform. The pilot was introduced today at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.

WAGO is collecting data to its cloud and was looking for reliable VPN connectivity for up to thousands of sites and users. Secure remote connection and access management was required for easy distribution of limited access rights to various third parties. In the piloting phase, WAGO’s PFC200 Controller family that supports Docker, can now run TOSIBOX® Lock for Container software that delivers unprecedented security and cost savings that were not achievable with traditional VPN tools.

“Our open automation platform offers many possibilities to connect the worlds of modern engineering, including the greatest possible flexibility and independence as well as the possibility to realize automation and IT tasks on one platform. The integration of TOSIBOX® Lock for Container on the platform offers great added value”, says Helmut Saal, System Specialist Embedded Linux at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is a software-only solution comparable to Tosibox’s previous hardware TOSIBOX® Lock products. It enables users to integrate Linux-based IPCs, HMIs, PLCs, controllers or other devices into their TOSIBOX® ecosystem and provide secure VPN connectivity to the host device where it is installed, and access to the LAN side devices connected to the host. TOSIBOX® Lock for Container facilitates easier adoption of the patented TOSIBOX® technology in a wider area of demanding applications, with the most important use case being to use the Lock for Container to supplement the customer’s existing operating network and adding easy-to-use VPN technology to the network or device. The main user groups are machine builders in industrial automation and IPC manufacturers.

“Following our strategy of putting stronger emphasis on software product development, and this pilot is a big leap in that direction. Tosibox is known for integrity and high-quality solutions that follow the principle of simplicity, and our team has worked hard to develop this virtualized solution that also follows in the footsteps of our hardware TOSIBOX® Lock products. Having previously developed the award-winning TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock and TOSIBOX® SoftKey products, the new TOSIBOX® Lock for Container will complement our software product offering. It will facilitate easier adoption in a wider area of demanding applications such as marine systems and offshore installations, renewable energy systems, transformer stations, petrochemical processing and railways. Thus TOSIBOX® Lock for Container will enable even more companies such as WAGO to utilize our technology, which will spearhead us to growth”, says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox.

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