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Tosibox and J2 Innovations announce a global business collaboration

Tosibox and J2 Innovations, a Siemens Company, allow users to create their own operational technology (OT) network infrastructure to access, manage and optimize their smart building and smart equipment.

Tosibox and J2 Innovations announce a collaboration which will enable users of J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework software products to create frictionless OT networks.

Tosibox currently powers and secures thousands of OT networks across the world, with millions of sensors, assets, devices, and machines connected.

J2 innovations is on a mission to make smart buildings, make equipment and IoT available and easy to use for OEMs, system integrators, facilities managers and end-users. 

J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework (FIN) is a software framework aimed at simplifying smart building, smart equipment and IoT. Users of the framework can integrate, control, manage, analyze, visualize, and connect their building, equipment, and devices, customized to their requirements.

“We are delighted to offer our customers an additional way to ensure quick and easy access to their valuable building and equipment data. Through our collaboration with Tosibox we are continuing to simplify smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT by making data access and management as seamless and efficient as possible. This provides a state-of-the-art private network alternative to our own open Edge2Cloud platform”, says Alex Rohweder, CEO, J2 Innovations.

Now, users of FIN Framework have the choice of accessing their sites and data seamlessly via the integrated TOSIBOX® technology, providing ultimate flexibility to the customer. TOSIBOX® technology provides:

Kaija Sellman, CEO, Tosibox states: “We are extremely happy that J2 Innovations has chosen Tosibox for global business collaboration. Together we are on a path to enable J2 Innovations to extract even more value for their customers through our collaboration. Our promise is to make our customers more productive on their existing business and help them win market share and differentiate themselves from their competitors.” 

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About J2 Innovations

J2 Innovations is a fast growing, innovative software technology company based in California. They are the creators of the FIN Framework (FIN), a state-of-the-art open framework for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT applications.

About the FIN Framework (FIN)

FIN is a next-generation software framework for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT applications. FIN can integrate, control, manage, analyse, visualize, connect and can be embedded on a controller, gateway, HMI or server. The FIN Framework offers OEMs, System Integrators, and end user solutions that are faster, easier, and better.