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Tosibox breaks new ground through its SaaS solution

Tosibox, the company offering secure solutions for operational networking and easy network management, is breaking new ground through its TOSIBOX® SaaS solution. 

By launching their new TOSIBOX® SaaS solution, the company brings a new option to the possibilities on how their customers and partners can consume TOSIBOX® technology. The original TOSIBOX® Plug & PlayTM portfolio includes remote access solutions whereas the new TOSIBOX® SaaS solution provides a hosted OT network management platform and additional services for large-scale operational networks.

The TOSIBOX® SaaS solution secures connected sites, identifies users, and encrypts all the traffic within the OT network with the technology known for its superior cyber security.

“Launching TOSIBOX® SaaS solution supports Tosibox’s growth strategy to shift the focus from products to solutions and services business. We have listened to our customers and partners, and are now happy to offer a turnkey solution for enterprises to get the most out of their operational networks, says Kaija Sellman, Tosibox CEO.

TOSIBOX® technology and solution are designed to control operational processes by adapting to different protocols and interfaces. TOSIBOX® SaaS is an effortless solution for organizations that want to acquire an OT network management platform as a service instead of committing internal resources to building and maintaining it.

TOSIBOX® SaaS adds a hosted management layer that turns operational applications, machines and users connected by TOSIBOX® into a controlled OT network. It enables management and access control for operational systems from a single point.

The new TOSIBOX® SaaS service provides a dedicated SaaS to companies for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging without shared components. It allows the collection of accurate real-time data, available regardless of time and place, which facilitates quicker and  better business decisions.

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About Tosibox

TOSIBOX® is a globally functioning operational technology (OT) networking platform for enterprises and organizations, delivering limitless possibilities to expand and power their businesses opportunities and growth. Since 2011, and in more than 150 countries, we have focused on the advancement of Industry 4.0 initiatives without the need for organizations to redesign their existing business processes and IT platforms.


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