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Tosibox – New Standard for Remote Access

Currently there are several proprietary ways of creating secure remote connection that results complex solutions that require time and resources. However, the predicted growth of the internet of things (IoT) requires new way of thinking. This is where Tosibox has entered the arena with a new kind of device-based end-to-end VPN solution, that has quickly been accepted as the standard for secure and reliable connectivity in the industrial internet of things.

Tosibox is a standard solution that replaces the currently available cloud-based connection methods and the site and supplier-specific tailored remote connections with a plug-and go, easy-to-use, secure and cost-efficient solution that can be deployed by anyone in a few minutes.

Tosibox published white paper that reviews the growth of the IoT and the role of Tosibox within this development. It explains the challenges the exhausting growth of IoT creates for remote connections, such as security issues. Furthermore, this white paper explains the benefits the Tosibox solution brings to the user, including superior security and equipment neutrality

Follow the link to read the white paper

”If a tourist can fly across oceans without knowing anything about airplanes, why can’t an entrepreneur enjoy the benefits of technology without having an IT degree?” Veikko Ylimartimo, Tosibox founder