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Tosibox participates in Post-Quantum Cryptography project

Developing quantum secure encryption technology

The aim of the project is to accelerate the emergence of innovations based on digital trust and business growth. Business Finland has awarded a significant product development grant to the project.

The Digital Trust program of Business Finland finances the development of quantum secure encryption technologies in the Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) project with a total sum of approximately three million euros. The aim is to accelerate Finland’s trust capital by utilizing the emergence of new innovations and business growth in solutions and services for security and trust, both from the perspective of solution providers and users. The total scope of the project is six million euros.

Companies participating in the PQC project are Advenica, Bittium, Insta, Sectra, SSH and Tosibox, as well as research organizations Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Authorities significant for national security are also involved.

Global importance of digital trust is increasing

The Post-Quantum Cryptography project consist of several work packages that research and develop quantum secure algorithms and technologies. Quantum security refers to encryption mechanisms that combat data breaches from future quantum computers. Furthermore, the project will develop national recommendations for assessing quantum security and researching the effects of quantum computing on society. The project, ending in 2022, will be led by VTT Oy.

“The importance of quantum computing is constantly growing, and it is important that we prepare for it from the perspective of both technology and national guidelines,” says Kirsi Kokko. Director of the Digital Trust Finland program at Business Finland. “I am very pleased that the PQC project involves a large number of Finland’s leading cyber security and encryption technology experts from both companies and research organizations.”

“Encryption methods are the cornerstone of modern cyber security and it is very important that this cornerstone is renewed to meet the challenges of the future. The transition to quantum secure encryption methods is one of the most significant change needs in this decade in ensuring the cyber security of digital systems well into the future,” says Kimmo Halunen, Specialist Researcher and Project Coordinator at VTT.