Tosibox pilots SIM cards for data transfer with HardMountain BV
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Tosibox pilots SIM cards for data transfer with HardMountain BV

As the number of connected IoT devices keeps on growing, there is also a global abundance of data streaming through routers such as the TOSIBOX® Locks. Tosibox has taken connectivity and made it simple. Always innovating, Tosibox has even made data transfer more convenient with a new SIM card pilot with its partner, HardMountain BV.

SIM cards are available for order from Tosibox as an accessory. They work globally in the operator Telefonica’s network.

“As a happy distributor of TOSIBOX®, we are extremely happy to be a part of this rapidly growing international brand. Thanks to TOSIBOX®, our customers in the Benelux have access to the next-generation technology for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance, data acquisition and network management. We are proud to jointly launch a global prepaid portal for our customers,” says Richard van der Vegt, Managing Director at HardMountain.

HardMountain is a leading cloud-based Industrial IoT service provider, focused on enabling seamless global connectivity solutions for the IoT and enterprise customers. HardMountain’s applications and technologies can be embedded into any device at the manufacturing stage, enabling connectivity anywhere in the world.

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