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TOSIBOX® Product update

Key-200_cap offTOSIBOX® Key 100 and TOSIBOX® Key 200 will now be delivered with 2048-bit encryption keys. TOSIBOX® Lock 100 will henceforth be delivered with 3072-bit RSA keys. Additionally, the certificates for all products are signed by SHA-256 signature.

“We at Tosibox work continuously to keep our customers happy and our products on the leading edge. We challenge ourselves and move ahead every day” states Jari Tenhunen, Head of R&D. The usability of the Tosibox solution will not be compromised since the change does not require any actions from the users. Furthermore, compatibility between previous versions of products and software, both TOSIBOX® Locks and Keys, will remain untouched.

The above mentioned changes are related to new physical products, not to any particular software version. The only visual indication of the change are the updated serial numbers on the TOSIBOX® Keys.

As always, if you have any technical issues, you can contact Tosibox support.