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Tosibox reveals strategy for 2018-2021

Tosibox has published its strategy for 2018-2021. The company has set as its mission the desire to “change the world by simplifying secure digital connections”.

The strategy acknowledges global trends such as the upcoming explosion of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the amount of data (connectivity). These trends are opportunities that drive Tosibox toward international growth.

“Our strategy will help to clarify our intentions, objectives and priorities on our way to success. It will be the foundation of our daily work, a justification for everything that we do and won’t do. We need to keep focused in order to reach our very ambitious mission,” Jarno Limnéll, Tosibox CEO explains.

Tosibox will be expanding its software product development that adds business value for customers. The company’s vision is to be a globally operating, vigorously growing and profitable company being the primary choice for easy and secure connections.

“To reach our vision, one of our most essential success factors are people. Personnel is without a doubt our most valuable asset,” Limnéll says.

The new also strategy lists Tosibox’s values: “We care. We simplify. We trust in high quality and integrity. We are brave.”