Get going with TOSIBOX® SaaS Starter Kit


Test the TOSIBOX® SaaS with a 90-day trial. There are no limitations to the number of connected sites, devices, or users.

TOSIBOX® SaaS is an effortless solution for customers who want to build their secure TOSIBOX® OT network in-house and benefit from a hosted OT network management platform.

It provides a hosted management layer that turns your operational applications, machines and their users into a controlled OT network. It enables management and access control to operational systems from a single point.


Contents of TOSIBOX® SaaS Starter Kit

TOSIBOX® SaaS Starter Kit is a tailor-made combination of TOSIBOX® products and services according to your needs.

You can already have TOSIBOX® Locks and Keys and you want to add the Hub to see how it works for your business goals. It is also possible to start from the scratch and let us build the test environment for you. Modular and scalable TOSIBOX® technology offers unlimited expandability and flexibility.

TOSIBOX® SaaS Starter Kit includes:

  • Hosted TOSIBOX® OT network management platform
  • TOSIBOX® Locks for applications, devices and machines
  • TOSIBOX® Keys for the users
  • Training Services
  • Support Services

Price: €537 (VAT 0%, TOSIBOX® Locks and Keys not included to the price)


Order a TOSIBOX® SaaS Starter Kit

Contact us and let us start the discussion by reviewing at your operational processes and how the TOSIBOX® SaaS solution can be utilized to improve your digital business and customer experience.

We will place your business challenges and customer needs at the center of our offer and find a solution to fit your needs.

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