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Tosibox secures building automation: Case Sivakka

aleksanteriSivakka concern is a market leader of rental living in Oulu and a respected pioneer of its field in Finland. In order to keep their position as a desirable lessor,  Sivakka was looking for cost savings in internet connections used between the building automation on their sites and the servers in their head office. At the same time they wanted to strengthen the security of these connections.

Tosibox solution provides Sivakka an opportunity to choose the most profitable internet connection while providing user-friendly VPN connection. As a result Sivakka acquired TOSIBOX® products to be installed to 110 sites in a first phase.

Sivakka is very pleased to the Tosibox solution. In addition of security and cost reductions they were able to improve the satisfaction of their own customers.  Toni Moilanen, Sivakka IT-specialist states “This whole project has been a success: Since specification phase all the steps have been performed properly. We at Sivakka wanted to strengthen security and reduce costs, but we were also able to improve our customer satisfaction. When the building or renovation of a property is finalized and residents move in they expect to temperatures being at a certain level. While using Tosibox we are able to connect the building automation immediately to our system and adjusting e.g. heating centralized instead of paying visits to sites.”