TOSIBOX® technology secures smart home's data networks
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TOSIBOX® secures smart home’s data networks

Modern home functions are full of IT technology, which is connected to the internet. This increases concerns about the security and vulnerability of information. A house could be the source of a great deal of data that would reveal the daily rhythms and habits of its occupants.

The Lato (“Barn”) smart home, where Laura Lahtinen and Elmo Blomqvist now live with their family, was completed in the spring of 2017. The heart and brain of Lato’s building automation systems is the WAGO CoDeSys programmable logic, which communicates with products based on the KNX, DALI and Modbus protocols, such as the TOSIBOX® remote access solution.

“Our experience using the TOSIBOX® solution has been great: the package works wonderfully, and it was very simple to configure the devices,” says Elmo Blomqvist, Lato’s homeowner.

To learn more, please download the case study.