Tosibox sponsors Travelling Sauna
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Tosibox sponsors Traveling Sauna

Traveling Sauna takes a tour around the USA and celebrates Finland’s 100 years of independence. As Finnish sauna is an important part of our lifestyle and USA is an important export partner, this is a perfect way to combine those two aspects. We at Tosibox also travel around the USA delivering another Finnish innovation: The world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution. This work is carried out by our subsidiary, Tosibox Inc., headed by Bill Behn together with Jerry Reeves. If you have any questions related to our innovation: customer casesproducts, or infinite scalability – just ask these experts.


Tosibox is a proud sponsor of the Traveling Sauna. If you have the opportunity to visit Traveling Sauna, please let us know! Tweet and tag us @TOSIBOX.

Follow the location of Traveling Sauna. On September 9th, the Traveling Sauna hits New York, and in October you can catch the sauna in Atlanta!

Traveling Sauna – Export Promotion and Image Campaign in the USA by The Finland 100 project secretariat at the Prime Minister’s office

See the vlog of Dudeson Jukka presenting the Traveling Sauna – and testing it!

Read more about the concept of Finnish sauna from Wikipedia.