Tosibox teams up with Noux Node to provide the full spectrum of IoT
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Tosibox teams up with Noux Node

We have teamed up with Noux Node, a Finnish company specializing in supporting original equipment manufacturer’s service business and product life cycle management by software, data and expertise. Noux Node has a strong background in industrial automation, software development, service business, PLM, machine learning and analysis.

Thanks to versatile collaboration, Tosibox and Noux Node can provide the full spectrum of IoT for enterprises with two-way communication from edge to cloud and vice versa:

Four pillars of a connected enterprise

Noux Node’s main product is NouxCloud, a platform designed specifically to collecting, warehousing and analyzing industrial data. NouxCloud’s technology independent and Software as a Service approach makes it cost effective and scalable to industrial companies of all sizes.

“Tosibox collaboration is a big deal to us. Secure connectivity guaranteed by Tosibox is a remarkable asset to our solutions. I also believe that our services are a fine addition to Tosibox customers while staying true to Tosibox’s idea of a fast and easy to ramp-up solution. In addition to the business point of view, we are very pleased with our development collaboration. It has been both efficient and fun and all in all very professional. The new ideas we’ve already had together will enable us to provide a cutting-edge operational technology. I hope that this collaboration will be a considerable business value to both our customers,” says Juha Kurkela, Noux Node Service Manager.

Noux Node have been piloting the most recent fruits of Tosibox’s product development: TOSIBOX® Lock for Container and the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock with support for AWS and Azure. With TOSIBOX® Lock for Container, the patented connectivity solution can be integrated inside any device, adding connectivity from the cloud to inside a customer’s device. A company can have hundreds of sites connected for data collection. When the data is analyzed on the NouxCloud platform, it becomes mature enough to be utilized for performing remote maintenance, optimizing operations or creating new business opportunities.

Tosibox is simplifying the world of operational networking. The easy setup of TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ solution ensures fast implementation that democratizes secure connectivity for big and small companies alike, without big investments or deep technical understanding. TOSIBOX® solutions support smoother business and quick piloting, for example by TOSIBOX® Lock for Container leveraging the OPC UA interface.

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