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Tosibox Training Day 4 November, USA


Welcome to Tosibox Training Day!

Date: November 4th, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Lunch Provided)
Location: 1900 Grassland Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Speaker: Jari Tenhunen, Head of R&D Tosibox

To join the event, please send us an email to bill.behn (at)  See you all in Georgia!

Training topics include:

Lock and Key basics
– Setting up and deploying the Lock
– Lock: Normal/client mode and different scenarios
– Using 3G/4G modem
– Setting up and using the Key

 Key management
– Different Key roles: Master, Sub, Backup
– Managing Key access rights
– Naming and organizing keys
– Backup Keys

 Technology and security overview

 Advanced features
– Security options and settings
– Layer 2 vs. Layer 3
– Local connections and offline mode

 Scaling with the Central Lock
– Building large systems with Central Lock
– Main features
– Typical use cases (maybe customer examples)

 Mobile Client
– Features
– Taking into use

 Q&A and discussion