Tosibox training in Europe and APAC


No matter which ladder you find yourself at on your digital journey, Tosibox has your back every step of the way. TOSIBOX® technical training is for anyone interested in remote access, data acquisition, IoT connectivity or OT networking.

Upcoming technical training sessions

Learn how the secure and scalable TOSIBOX® solution works, starting from a single point-to-point connection and going all the way to creating an operational network and connecting it with with your IT network.

Each training session is built on the things you learn at the previous session, so we recommend you to attend them all in order.


1. Introduction to TOSIBOX® solution

  • What is a TOSIBOX® Key and a TOSIBOX® Lock and what do I do with them
  • Introduction and demo to TOSIBOX® Plug & GOTM technology
  • Understanding point-to-point connection

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2. Scalable and modular TOSIBOX® solution

  • How TOSIBOX® solution works with multiple Keys and Locks
  • Easy access and user management
  • Understanding 1:n relation

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3. Create your own OT network with TOSIBOX®

  • Introduction and the benefits of TOSIBOX® Hub
  • Temporary network access and access groups
  • Understanding always-on connection



4. Connecting your IT and OT networks – December 11, 2020 at 9:00-9:45 CET

  • Introduction to the TOSIBOX® Hub on premises and on cloud
  • Network interface to local IT

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