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Video: How to create Sub Key with TOSIBOX® Key

Tomi Liias, Head of European Sales, Tosibox

In the two previous videos we have explained how easy it is to set up your first TOSIBOX® remote connection and how to create a Backup Key. Now the series continues, and this time we have prepared a short video showing how easy it is to scale your ecosystem, i.e. add new users. Take a look!

You will need one new TOSIBOX® Key for each user. All users except admins are called Sub Key users. The admin user manages the network with a Master Key.

If you would like to create a Sub Key with the Master Key, first insert the Master Key into your computer’s USB port and log in to the TOSIBOX® Key Client software. Then, insert another TOSIBOX® Key into another USB port.

In the wizard, select Sub Key and rename the Key (make sure to give it a recognizable name to be able to identify it better later). Next, grant the Sub Key user access rights by checking the Locks the Sub Key is entitled to access. Confirm access rights by clicking Save. After processing, the operation is complete!

Sub Key user can access TOSIBOX® network remotely

You can now hand over the Sub Key to the user, who can be your colleague, a customer or even a third party such as a service company. To connect remotely, all they have to do is insert the Sub Key into their computer, and the Key Client will show them the TOSIBOX® Locks that the Sub Key user has been granted remote access to. Connection is established as soon as the Sub Key user clicks Connect.

A Sub Key can be used to connect remotely for maintenance jobs, but a Sub Key cannot create new users / Sub Keys (only a Master Key can). We have compiled this table to give you a better understanding of the differences between the Key types.

This table explains the differences between Tosibox Master Key, Backup Key and Sub Key

TOSIBOX® Sub Key user can be your colleague, customer or third party

With the Master Key, you can manage access rights. If you need to grant temporary access to, say, a third-party serviceman, you can just create a Sub Key for their use and remove access rights after they are done. In case the serviceman happens to lose his Key, you as the admin can easily revoke their access rights with your Master Key. This is particularly convenient network management since no one wants to end up in a situation where all kinds of past partners have access to who-knows-what.

To grant, modify, and remove Sub Key access rights remotely in the Key Client, go to Manage Keys and select the Sub Keys tab. Then check the Sub Key(s) you want to administrate and select Manage. Now you can edit Sub Key access rights to TOSIBOX® Locks. To revoke access to a Lock, remove the checkmark. You can also restrict the access to specific Locks or interfaces by expanding the tree. When you’re done, click Continue. You still need to confirm the changes by clicking Save.

After completing the operation, the Sub Key user will be able to access only the selected Locks. If some devices are offline just then, they will complete the operation when they go online. The Sub Key user will be notified of all changes in his or her access rights the next time he or she opens the Key Client.

Sub Key can be used to access several TOSIBOX® Locks

The Master Key user can grant the Sub Key access to as many TOSIBOX® Locks as needed. In fact, a Sub Key can be used to access Locks from various Master Keys. This is a very convenient and realistic case when the Sub Key belongs to a serviceman at a maintenance company, and he or she is accessing Locks in various buildings, managed by different property owners. To do this, the setting “Allow serializations also from other Master Keys” needs to be checked in the Key client.

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