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Welcoming new team members

We want to take a moment to welcome our newest colleagues!

Mr Johannes Niemi has started as our Chief Sales Officer (CSO), directing globally the sales management team.

“It’s great to be part of Tosibox’s growth story and build Tosibox into an even stronger software company.
Here at Tosibox, you have a global vantage point to monitor how traditional IT systems and Operative Networks combine into a seamless entity producing brand new, more efficient business models.”


Ms Kati Liedes
has joined Tosibox Marketing as Content Marketing Specialist.


“I´m thrilled to be part of team Tosibox! Before I started, I only knew Tosibox by its routers -the boxes. What I quickly learned is that, Tosibox brings great business value by giving its customers a software solution that is simple and fast to utilize, it is secure and very flexible. Happy to be part of Tosibox.”

Both – Welcome to the team! We are glad to have you!