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We asked some Tosibox family members what they think about working at Tosibox. The company houses various talents from R&D to sales and marketing.

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“I had been to Finland a couple of times before and really liked the country. I was working in Paris and planning a motorcycle trip from the Mediterranean to Lapland for a season job, but my plans changed when I discovered Tosibox. It looked like a killer product, with lots of different technologies working together and a wide field of application. I now work as a Software Engineer at the Tosibox HQ in Oulu working on product development for our background service and TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock, and I like the challenge since it gives me a chance to grow and mature as a developer. We have an awesome team, where everyone’s very helpful and collaborative. It’s still hard to realize that I’m here, but it’s amazing.”

Antoine started working as Software Engineer at Tosibox in February 2019. Coffee or tea? “Finnish coffee is different from French, but perfect to drink with milk.”



“ZEAL. Zeal is a fun word for intensity, passion, enthusiasm. It would be a word that I could easily use to characterize my time with Tosibox and my co-workers. Three years ago, while working as an industrial automation integrator, I was introduced to Tosibox with a brochure from a colleague. I was in awe. Here was a solution that, if it worked as advertised, could save me countless hours and immense frustration in creating secure networks for my applications. After a short 5-minutes (yes that is indeed all it took – just as advertised) of playing with my demo Lock and Key, I was sold. This was not just another tool for me to use as an integrator. This was an industry changing technology that needed to be shared. This began my Tosibox career.

Today, I love introducing our Finnish technology to multiple industries, thousands of users, and helping our company grow globally. I have had the fortunate pleasure of working with some of the most ZEALOUS individuals from sales, to marketing, to R&D. We at Tosibox have accomplished great achievements, we continue to share the vision of our technology, and I look forward to each future opportunity as a member of a growing global technology company.”

Jerry is our zealous VP – Technology at Tosibox Inc. Coffee or tea? “I do drink coffee, but I always prefer sweet tea (it’s a southern US thing!).”



“I’d never been to Oulu before my job interview at Tosibox, but this was too interesting of an opportunity to pass. Moving here I’ve found this to be an amazing city – even in the wintertime. People are genuine and laid back.

I’m the scrum master for the development team, leading and planning our sprints. I’m also hands-on involved in product development, for example with the Lock software. The cyber security aspect was one of the reasons why I found Tosibox so interesting. We are a growing company and the atmosphere is nice. Tasks are versatile and we have freedom to plan our own work. The work is both exciting and challenging, and good communication is important for successful team work. We even have excellent opportunities to develop ourselves through training and education.”

Teemu has been working as Senior Software Developer at Tosibox since May 2018. Coffee or tea? “I’m a coffee drinker, and here I’ve switched my preference from light to dark roast.”