What it's like to work at Tosibox? We Make Tosibox
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We asked some Tosibox family members what they think about working at Tosibox. The company houses various talents from R&D to sales and marketing.

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“When looking at large successful enterprises you sometimes wonder what it’d have been like to work in those during the growing phase. To me, Tosibox is that time machine, and here you get to be a part of growth and success. Big things are achieved by working together. Tosibox was consciously “born global”. We know this solution is the first of its kind in the whole world – something that no one else has invented before. It’s fascinating to be a part of something like that. I believe this is one of the companies that will shape the future of our everyday lives: secure connectivity equals Tosibox.

In my job I support R&D and work with product certifications and quality processes. My role has changed over time. For work to be meaningful, you must develop – either yourself or the company. I’m the kind of DIY guy who refuses to accept there’s no solution available. It’s the doers that change this world, and I’m a doer. Let’s do it.”

Anssi has been with Tosibox ever since the beginning. One of our tea drinkers who also enjoys dark chocolate.



”What initially drew me to Tosibox was the company’s global business potential. TOSIBOX® solves a concrete problem and can change your everyday work and even the world. TOSIBOX® has been designed by purpose and there’s a natural demand for it.

As CMO I work closely with various functions at Tosibox, deal with our partner network and maintain our marketing strategy. Strategy is the big picture that sets the direction and limitations. All touchpoints build the brand, and marketing is systematic long-term work with measuring and monitoring the results. Today, even for traditional industries, digitalization changes marketing and buyers can be reached online. On the other side, trade shows are important to us as well. Next week the year culminates at SPS IPC Drives – if you’re there, come by our stand for some coffee and connectivity!”

Anu has been a member of the Tosibox family since March, 2015. She likes her coffee dark roast, and lives and learns through visuality, appreciating beauty and harmony.



“ZEAL. Zeal is a fun word for intensity, passion, enthusiasm. It would be a word that I could easily use to characterize my time with Tosibox and my co-workers. Three years ago, while working as an industrial automation integrator, I was introduced to Tosibox with a brochure from a colleague. I was in awe. Here was a solution that, if it worked as advertised, could save me countless hours and immense frustration in creating secure networks for my applications. After a short 5-minutes (yes that is indeed all it took – just as advertised) of playing with my demo Lock and Key, I was sold. This was not just another tool for me to use as an integrator. This was an industry changing technology that needed to be shared. This began my Tosibox career.

Today, I love introducing our Finnish technology to multiple industries, thousands of users, and helping our company grow globally. I have had the fortunate pleasure of working with some of the most ZEALOUS individuals from sales, to marketing, to R&D. We at Tosibox have accomplished great achievements, we continue to share the vision of our technology, and I look forward to each future opportunity as a member of a growing global technology company.”

Jerry is our zealous VP – Technology at Tosibox Inc. Coffee or tea? “I do drink coffee, but I always prefer sweet tea (it’s a southern US thing!).”