Presentation at Wireless ConnAction in Hungary, April 11, 2018
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Wireless ConnAction April 11, 2018 Hungary

Industrial applications are these days hard to imagine without any wireless communication, and there are many possibilities in 2018. The 4th Wireless ConnAction Conference takes place at Symbol Budapest event center in Hungary on Wednesday April 11, 2018. The one-day event is packed full of presentations by ICT professionals and experts in wireless technology. They will be answering some essential questions like which is the ideal technology for your application and in the long run, which standard will be the most widely spread.

Michael Szücs, Tosibox Director International Sales will be giving a presentation at the event starting 14:00. His topic is Simplifying IoT and Remote Access with TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™. If you’re in Hungary, we urge you to attend and listen to his speech which will be a great opportunity to discover the easy, scalable and secure TOSIBOX® remote access solution.

TOSIBOX® patented Plug & Go™ technology is the world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution. Learn more about the benefits of our award-winning solution.

Michael Szücs,
Director International Sales

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